Among the various fiction movies so far released, InAlienable could be ranked as in the first place. This movie is produced by Walter Koening and in fact, he is also the author of the story. In the main cast are Richard Hatch, Erick Avari, Marina Sirtis, Wlater Koeing, Andrew Koeing and Jay Acovone. The film is directed by Robert Dyke and it was released in the year 2008.

*Spoiler Alert* The story revolves around Dr. Eric Norris, a scientist working in a reputed research laboratory. He works on a project of inventing medicine for a particular disease and as in the normal course, he was using lab monkeys for his experiment. Dr. Norris was assisted in the lab by Amanda Mayfield. At this situation, unfortunately the family of Dr. Norris consisting of his wife and son are killed in an accident. Naturally, this incident makes Dr. Norris distraught and to some extent it affects his research activity also. But, Shiling who was funding the project threatens to sue Dr. Norris and also cut of the funding if he fails to produce the result. This forces Dr.Norris to put some extra effort towards his project. One day a meteor falls near the field near of Dr. Norris and his friend Andreas Cabrosas suggests Dr. Norris to take the meteor for further scientific studies. Perhaps, Dr. Narris thought the meteor could throw some light for his project and took the Meteor to his laboratory for further studies.

Now, the story takes a dramatic turn. As Norris carries the meteor to his laboratory a parasite present in the meteor takes host in his body and eventually gets fused into his DNA. As the parasite shared the DNA of Dr. Norris, it takes the form of a human being. Eventually, a womb also develops in Dr. Narris body and the parasite develops into a fully grown surrogate. Understandably, this creates furor and intense curiosity and the scientific community in particular, intensely tries to make a study of this rarest of rare event. Scientists were very keen to make experiments with this very rare alien offspring. In the meanwhile Dr. Norris develops intense bond with the surrogate child and names him Benjamin. As a matter of fact, Dr. Norris believed that his dead son have resurface in the form a surrogate child.

In the meanwhile Dr. Norris develops love with his assistant Amanda. The couple decides to get through the issue of alien surrogate child before they could proceed with further with their love. After going through the pregnancy ordeal, Dr. Norris delivers the surrogate child Benjamin. Now, both Dr.Norris and Amanda feel that the government may take the custody of the child or may even kill him because he is an alien and has come from the unknown world. True to their presumption, this rare event becomes a major issue before the court of law. Of course, the Government will not proceed to take possession of Benjamin. Now, Dr. Norris appoints Howard Ellis as the Attorney to defend him as also Benjamin in the court.

The Government files a suit against Dr.Narris and the court directs him to appear before the Judge. The government files a Habeas corpus also called as a great writ petition. According to this great writ summon, Dr. Norris was obliged to produce the surrogate son before the Court. Further, the Attorney representing the Government alleges Dr. Norris of Miscegenation; a case of interracial marriage which is barred by the law of the land. The issue becomes a fiercely contested case between the Government and the Attorney of Dr. Norris. Both the Attorneys give varied interpretations to the meaning of the word ďAliení. The argument lasts for several days. At this stage, Emil who was in love Dr. Norris wife gets frustrated. As fierce arguments were going on in the Court, Emil takes out a gun and shoots Benjamin and Benjamin dies in the Court hall.

Some of the reviews call the movie as highly fictional and an event which is unimaginable. But, by and large reviews speak about the positive roles played by all the characters in the movie. Due credit has also been given for the tremendous graphic works carried out in the movie. In short, reviews give credit to the star cast and to the producer Walter Koeing and innovative work of the Director of the movie Robert Dyke